The weather had been deteriorating for hours. Dark clouds had rolled in and effectively slaughtered the daylight. Sky squatted on her heels and took a deep breath. If she was going to save them, she would need to pace herself.

The wind was help and hindrance. Her own noises were hidden from her prey, but likewise she couldn’t listen for the kids calls. The thought of her kids almost broke her. But the fierce heart of the huntress rallied. She would find them. They would be okay. And there would be hell to pay. Sky tightened her grip on her bow. Time to move.

Up ahead, the kids walked single file. A dark mist surrounded them, and they stumbled along as if still asleep.

Eventually, the solid earth gave way to swamp, but the kids didn’t slow. Whatever will-o-the-wisp held them in thrall, they were oblivious to the changing ground.

Sky felt the moisture under her feet and cringed. The kids had been in night clothes when they were taken. Her resolve hardened. Hell-to-pay could not describe it.

The huntress sped up. Amazingly even in the darkness, she seemed to follow their path easily. Something of a mother’s instinct combined with the senses of someone born to the wild. The result was both impressive, and terrifying to behold. Sky floated silently down the trail like a vengeful spirit.

A light rain started to fall and Sky thought again of the kids clothing. Unbelievably she went even faster.  And as she ran, she notched an arrow.

A snap of a twig brought her to a halt. Her kids were ahead. Sky thought about making a planned attack, but her emotions took over. She crashed through the brush and splashed into the marsh casting wildly about, bow up, arrow notched.

A single shaft of moonlight silhouetted her. She was fierce, and primal. Her dark silken hair glistened in the light, and the spray of water created a misty white aura about her. The Huntress would not be denied her children!!!

The beeping of a digital alarm woke Jasmine from her troubled sleep. It was finally court day. Time to get her kids.


Published by: RangerReid

I am looking forward to retiring from a dangerous career. Now I am hoping to delve into creative writing. Thank you for taking a moment to read my work. I am hopeful that you enjoyed it.

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