Old soul, winding path

Young person, why do you seek the ancient mysteries of the Tao? Could it be you are an old soul, trying to find the next step in the winding path?


The cynics I work with give me grief when I hand money to a homeless person. They claim that many of these folks are fakers, and don’t need my money.
My reply is:
“I don’t give because of who they are. I give because of who I am, and I have to be true to that.”


Adversity will rise in every path. If you stop, it was a wall. If you go over it, it was only a hurdle. Your actions define what it will be.


It is amazing how the toughest times in your life become the good old days when you get past them and look back. And all you have to do is weather the storm and outlast the drama.


Self discipline wars with desire. Desire wins when it has the high ground. For example……. I am addicted to soda. I come in from mowing, hot, sweaty, thirsty. In the fridge are an icey cold Coke, a bottle of water, and a bottle of gatoraide. In my condition, I can only see the Coke.
Two days earlier though, I had a much easier choice. I stand in the grocery store, down the ailse to my left are bottles of water. To the right are bottles of Coke. All I need to do to ensure the best decision later when I am weakest, will be to turn to the left. If there are no sodas in the fridge, I can easily “choose” the water. I think a lot of times we wrestle with a weakness at the wrong time. Preplan, and don’t put yourself into the situation where your willpower is compromised and desire is strong.


Sharpen your own sword. When you try to help someone else sharpen theirs, someone is going to get hurt.

*Yes, I meant to work on yourself, and don’t focus on the faults of others…………


We are each a unique creation, with our own strengths, weaknesses and faults. Even if we think we are generally farther along the path than our neighbor, there will be things that trip us that he will easily step over. So it doesn’t pay to judge other’s weaknesses, or to think how easily defeated they might be. It is’t OUR weakness. So we truly don’t understand what it would take to conquer it.


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