Goldfish slowly swimming

People see a body builder and say “Wow! He must have really worked hard to get in that kind of shape.” Then they talk to someone wise in the Tao, and say “How lucky he is to be so happy.” And they never consider the work that went in to developing that positive outlook.


Calming clarity comes from forced tranquility………. In other words, shut up, unplug, and sit a bit.


It is so easy to speak, and so hard to listen. Speaking feeds our ego, and puts us up front, and listening diminishes our ego, and lets others shine.


If you were to look deeply enough, there is enough wisdom in a goldfish tank to fill several books. Life, Death, Peace, Drama, all on display for those who would see.


Why look for the Tao when you are feeling good, stomach full, television on. You are so content, you have no hunger to fuel your seeking.
Fast, meditate, pray. Then sit in silence and wait to hear the universe answer you.


Someone heard me speak of the Tao, and accused me of faking chopsocky wisdom. “You get angry, cuss, and fight! You are no sage!” Correct. I am just a guy.
I am looking for truths and insights too. I voice my thoughts, somewhat to see if they resonate with anyone else, and also to let them resonate with the void. If they are truthful, they will continue. If not, they will fade.

Don’t get worked up on whether I am worthy to speak a thought. Simply consider if the thought has value for you. If you find it doesn’t, then leave it where you found it. Maybe someone else can use it.


I took a date to a carnival once. I kept trying to have quiet sincere moments while we rode loud crazy twirling rides. Life is like that. We seek the Tao while chaos reigns around us. Find a quiet corner alone with the Tao.


I have said before to surround yourself with those who empower you and lift you up, not with those who would tear you down. I will add, find someone in your life that challenges you to grow, and spend a lot of time with that person.


If you would find the Tao, make yourself of use to others. Mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn. Leave a bag of groceries for a needy family. Try to serve others in small ways that can go unnoticed. Subjugating self, you begin your journey to enlightenment.


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