Floating leaf, gentle breeze.

Noise is no measure of the inner person. I have seen the loudest braggard fold inward and collapse when the world went sideways around him. I have also seen the quietest person step up and lead when danger loomed. Look to the inner person, and ignore loud boasting.

If a drunk, a sage, and a fool sat and discussed the Tao for a week. And if over the week, they started to repeat each other’s ideas, and agree on some things……… Would a truth be any less valuable because it was spoken by a drunk or a fool? Why do we judge wisdom based on our precepts of the person speaking it. Truth, wisdom, insights to the Tao will resonate with the universe, and we can grow and learn from anyone if we are wise enough to listen.

Adversity can create neither inner strength nor character flaws. All it can do is clarify which is in control.

Finding my center, embracing a calmness, ignoring my critics, I find peace. And it drives them crazy. Bonus.

Attachments bring turmoil. Sounds simple really. Putting aside attachments you effortlessly find Zen.
Great…. but…… no attachments? I love my wife, she compliments my weaknesses. I love my son, he has become a real friend. I love my dog, he is a goofball.

Attachments are messy, but life without them might be enlightened, but it wouldn’t be living.

Sadly ironic, when the world needs calm and peace the most, seems no one is searching for it at all.


I had decided to meditate on the Tao, write these thoughts, one each day, and once a week post them. So some days I had several thoughts, and other days, I had none. Till I realized, I was trying too hard. The Path doesn’t reveal itself on my schedule………

I am almost 50. Growing up, my Dad was a harsh task master. If there was still work to be done, you kept working. Now I work beside kids who rush to a job in a hurry, spend their effort and collapse. I come beside them, working more slowly, but continuing long after they fade away.

Thanks Dad.

I can only control myself, and often do a poor job of that. But I do not own guilt for anyone else’s actions. This was a powerful realization for me.


See the fish splash in the pond? Was it big? Small? 5 seconds later the ripples are gone either way.

Imperminence is the way of the way. Only when you impact another life, and that life continues to make waves does your influence continue. That is why it is important to be selfless and serve others. How you treat others is your only mark upon the great Path.


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