Thoughts on The Tao

The great Tao is unflappable.

Those who seek it and hope to be propelled by it, those who resist it and are overwhelmed by it. It notices neither. It simply is.

Only by accepting it, and releasing ourselves in to it do we begin to understand the finite parts of it.

But don’t get excited. It still doesn’t know we are there


Peace is the great transition.

It takes you from sadness to joy,
from fear to well-being,
and from this encarnation to the next.

If you are unhappy, worried,
or simply numb and want to find real joy,
begin by seeking peace.


Wisdom is like a floater in your eye. When you don’t look for it, it appears right in front of you.


Two brothers in the same predicament. Low paying job, outstanding debt, mean boss.

They both lay down to sleep. One makes peace with his situation, and resolves to simply do his best to face it head on. The other stays up the whole night worrying about these things beyond his control.

In the morning the sun rises on them both. Which one has the strength to face the day?


The great Tao is a mighty river. Are we the fish? The shore? The water? Or the Stones?



An 8oz glass with 4ozs of water. Is it half empty? Half full? It has the potential to be either.

You bring the emptiness or the fulness with you in your inner heart.


How do we find the wisdom and truths of this life? We start by getting out of our own way. When we do, we find them all around us.


The mighty oak sits massive among the other trees. Huge, impressive, stalwart.

The pine towers above them all, full hearty and strong.

The lowly palm grows in their shadow. Slim, ragged, reaching for the sun.

And when the hurricane blows through,
the oak topples and turns it’s roots to the sky.
The pine snaps and falls in pieces.

And the palm bends.

We all may not feel tall, strong, or solid, but if we try to stay flexible, we can weather the storm.


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